Friday, September 16, 2005

New Stuff from ITC

The day before yesterday I received me order from Imperial Tea Court: 1 electric water kettle, 1 set of bamboo gungfu tea tools, and a tea towel. They threw in a nice glass tea thermos.

Now, before making this purchase, I had read that one shouldn't heat water for tea in metal kettles. I had wanted to purchase a clay electric kettle, but the only one I found is way too expensive. I already have a ceramic tea kettle, but I really wanted the convenience of preparing tea without having to step out of my bedroom.

The kettle I got was made and designed in china, and it sort of resembles a piece of industrial machinery. The inside, except the heating implemen,t seems to be coated with a teflon-like material.

I've been making tea with this thing, desperately trying to figure out if it changes the taste of the tea. The last few times, the tea tasted fine, except I was left with a strange feeling on my tongue, not unlike the feeling of sticking a nine volt battery on it. The water from the kettle also eminates a metalic odor. I'm hoping these things will go away after a bit more use.


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