Friday, September 09, 2005

My Present Stash

To give you sense of what sort of tea person I am, here is an inventory of my current tea stash and tea paraphernalia:


An assortment of Puerh (raw/uncooked unless otherwise stated) :
2003 Dadugang 50th Aniversary Brick, 4x250g
1999 Menghai Beeng (forget the number right now) 350g
1998 Feng Qing Tuo 100g
1995 Menghai Feng Cha (small square brick) 100g
2004 Menghai Silver Bud Beeng 350g
2004 Bamboo Premium Wild Dai Tribe 500g
2004 Bamboo Puerh 100g
2005 Ke Yi Xing GREEN Beeng 350g
2004 Just Puer Beeng 350g
Several Xia Guan 1st Grade Tuo, including 2 cooked
Equivalent of 1 cake of cooked beeng, CNNP red label
misc samples

Eve's Oolong, Ceylon, year unknown
Assam Kopili, year unknown
Tie Kwan Yin, year unknown

Ceylon Blue Needles (niftly looking and tasty leaves woven into a needle shape)
Misc other stuff that just kinda sits there

Tisanes etc:
Puerh Flowers cake 350g
Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers aprox 300g

2005 Fujian Yin Zhen


1 glass gaiwan
1 el cheapo zisha pitcher, aka "justice cup"
1 8oz Yixing pot, for raw puehr
1 6oz Yixing pot, for bamboo puerh
1 Tetsubin Iron Teapot/kettle
1 Ceramic Kettle
1 Zisha tea tray
misc cups and stuff I don't use

You may have noticed that my collection is a bit skewed toward puerh right now. You also may think I'm full of it to say I'm poor. I got a bit of money for my college graduation and decided to spend it to educate myself about puerh. I'm sure this isn't the most prudent use of my limited funds, but I've been enjoying it a lot, and young puerh is significantly cheaper per gram than other premium teas and gets better with age. Plus it helped me quite smoking (really!).


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